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Need to file a claim?

To file a claim, call the phone number that corresponds to the first 3 characters in your policy number:

  • 1-866-494-1610 - Policies starting with CSN, CSP, CSS, CSV
  • 1-888-215-7292 - Policies starting with GSP or 1058
  • 1-800-338-2680 - Policies starting with NSR
  • 1-888-811-4054 - Policies starting with WSI
  • 1-855-771-1870 - Policies starting with WGP


Below are some of the common forms that you may need.


Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization.pdf


Electronic Funds Transfer Removal.pdf


Policy Information Release.pdf


Recurring CC Authorization.pdf

Still need help?

Still having problems? Call our Customer Service number at (800) 396-1485 then option 4 to help resolve the issue.